Taxotere Hair Loss Litigation

Unfortunately, treatment with Taxotere can result in permanent hair loss (alopecia) in as many as 15% of patients.

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Hair Loss Litigation

Taxotere (docetaxel) is a form of taxol (paclitaxel), a prescription medication primarily used in the chemotherapy treatment of women with cancer affecting the breasts, lungs, stomach and skin.

Unfortunately, treatment with Taxotere can result in permanent hair loss (alopecia) in as many as 15 percent of patients. At the Carse Law Firm, we believe it can be documented that the manufacturer had knowledge of this risk but failed to disclose it, or falsely claimed that the hair loss would only be temporary.

While this side effect was self-reported as part of Phase II clinical trials for Taxotere by the manufacturer, France-based Sanofi Aventis, the company did not update the FDA-required warning label until December 2015. Because of this delay, thousands of women who received Taxotere are now permanently bald – although it is well known in the medical community that there are alternative, equally effective drugs that do not have this potential side effect.

Multiple studies have confirmed the link between Taxotere and permanent hair loss. One study published in 2012 concluded: “…severe and permanent female hair loss, especially scalp alopecia, is a new and rare cutaneous side-effect of the sequential FEC–docetaxel regimen used for early breast cancer adjuvant treatment.”

While some clients might not know if they were given Taxotere, permanent hair loss is an extremely rare side effect of cancer treatment. So if you, a friend or a family member has suffered permanent hair loss — continuing for longer than six months after Taxotere treatment ends – please suggest they contact us at The Carse Law Firm for a free, confidential case evaluation. Taxotere lawsuits are being evaluated on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless a recovery is obtained.

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