Chemotherapy Permanent Hair Loss

Unfortunately, chemotherapy treatment with Taxotere can result in permanent hair loss (alopecia) in as many as 15% of patients.

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Permanent Hair Loss Litigation

Every cancer patient treated with chemotherapy comes to expect temporary hair loss, which usually lasts three-to-six months. But reports are becoming more frequent that some patients are experiencing permanent hair loss, a condition linked to the commonly prescribed medication Taxotere.

Taxotere was approved in 1996 by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of breast cancer. Based on its proven effectiveness, the use of Taxotere has since expanded to include head and neck cancer, gastric cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer.

While the Taxotere label has always suggested that hair loss was a possible adverse reaction to the drug, there was no suggestion or broad-based communication to physicians that such side effects could be permanent. It’s quite likely that if that potential were known, doctors and patients might have opted for different but also effective drugs, such as the less potent Taxol, which is not believed to lead to permanent hair loss.

The FDA issued its initial warning about permanent hair loss tied to Taxotere in December of 2015, and that action led to an updated warning on the Taxotere box.  But for many cancer survivors those warnings have come too late.

At the Carse Law Firm, we believe that every cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy should have been fully informed in advance about their choices in drug therapy – and the truth about the damaging side effects of Taxotere. This failure to warn doctors, patients and families makes the manufacturer subject to lawsuits to pay for its negligence and lies.

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