Dallas Attorney Discusses Construction Site Accidents … Figuring Out “Who’s the Boss?”

It isn’t unusual to see workers from various industries on the same construction site. General Contractors frequently outsource niche tasks to specialty contractors.

For example, it is common to find separate subcontractors for framing, doors, windows and plumbing.

In many cases, construction accidents are the result from different subcontractors’ employees interfering with one another.

This is when the blame game begins. The General Contractor may deny responsibility for incidents that occur on the worksite, or he may pass culpability to the subcontractor whose employee was injured and so on. All the while, the injured employee is left out of work and with medical bills for which nobody will claim accountability.

At the Carse Law Firm, we are experienced with the usual runaround that follows a construction site accident. A construction site is an ever-changing environment. Skilled investigators need to conduct a thorough investigation of the accident scene, secure witness statements from co-employees and gather as much information as possible as soon as possible.

Often times, injured workers are hospitalized or otherwise incapacitated and cannot help themselves by contacting our office. We are accustomed to working with family and friends of the injured party to initiate the proper procedures as quickly as possibly to protect the rights of the injured worker.

If you or a family member has been injured at a construction site or commercial building under renovation, call the Carse Law Firm today. Time is of the essence, and acting promptly can help you secure the maximum damages you are entitled to receive.

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