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In Texas, it is illegal and unethical for an attorney to solicit a potential client for the purpose of professional legal services.

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When an Attorney Comes Calling… Uninvited.

In Texas, it is not only unethical, but also illegal for an attorney to solicit a client for the purpose of rendering legal services. The State Bar of Texas Disciplinary Rules and the Texas Penal Code are just two of the references that govern this type of lawyer misconduct. Sadly, some in the profession disobey the rules and violate the law, simply motivated by pure greed. The Carse Law Firm sues lawyers who directly solicit people for the purpose of providing legal services, as well as those lawyers’ employees, agents and anyone else involved with them in their conspiracy.

When an attorney directly solicits clients, it is known as barratry. Lawyers who commit barratry prey on those they seek to represent. Typically this includes accident victims and family members of people who are severely injured or killed. Preying on accident victims when the people involved are most vulnerable is unconscionable and it is a crime.

Every lawyer in Texas knows that barratry is illegal. Those that practice barratry actually damage the reputation of ethical lawyers and corrupt the legal system. If someone has called you, emailed you, or appeared at your home, hospital, funeral home or office uninvited and attempted to secure your agreement to provide legal services, they are engaged in conduct that Texas law forbids.

Tom Carse was interviewed by CBS11 about his fight against barratry in DFW. In this case, a Dallas Police employee is accused of funneling car crash information to a North Texas personal injury attorney. Mr. Carse is suing that attorney on behalf of accident victims.

These acts are in direct violation of Texas Government Code § 82.0651 and each lawyer, agent, employee and co-conspirator are liable for damages of up to an award of $10,000.00 as set forth by the Legislature as a penalty, plus actual damages in an amount to be determined by the trier of fact, and reasonable and necessary attorneys’ fees.

If you believe that you or a family member has been the victim of an unscrupulous and unethical lawyer directly attempting to solicit you for the purpose of offering legal services call the attorneys at the Carse Law Firm.

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Barratry – Unethical Attorneys October 28, 2014
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