Paraquat Herbicide and Parkinson’s Disease 

Paraquat Herbicide and Parkinson’s Disease

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Paraquat Herbicide and Parkinson’s Disease 

For generations, PARAQUAT has been prized in the agriculture industry for its effectiveness as a defoliant for a variety of crops and a wide range of foliage-control applications. Paraquat-based herbicides act quickly upon application and disrupt plants and weeds at the cellular level, stopping photosynthesis on contact and causing leaves to visibly wither within hours. 

But that same potency makes paraquat highly toxic to humans. Numerous medical studies have established a link between paraquat exposure and the onset of Parkinson’s disease, an incurable and degenerative neurological condition marked by symptoms including tremors, trouble moving or walking, speech problems, and facial masking. 

Paraquat is applied with handheld, tractor-based and aerial crop-dusting sprayers, and it is dangerous to anyone in and around areas where it is applied. In addition to agriculture workers, that includes workers in the forestry industry, road maintenance and even those who live near areas where paraquat is used. 

Paraquat’s dangers have been known for years, but manufacturers have not done enough to protect those who must work with the chemical.  

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At the Carse Law Firm, we work to protect people harmed by products that may be dangerous to your health. If you or your family believes you’ve been harmed by paraquat, contact the Carse Law Firm for a confidential case evaluation by completing the form on this page or simply by giving our firm a call at 877-605-8211. 

In addition to our legal services, we want to help families affected by this terrible disease. We have made donations to the American Parkinson Disease AssociationParkinson’s Foundation, and The Michael J. Fox Foundation to improve care and advance research toward a cure. 



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Paraquat Herbicide and Parkinson’s Disease  May 24, 2017
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