Natural Gas Dangers

A natural gas leak can have catastrophic consequences.

When disaster strikes, we are ready to respond.

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Natural Gas Dangers

In Texas and across the country, house explosions due to natural gas dangers are increasingly making headlines, blowing homes to bits and sometimes leveling entire streets. More than 177 million American homes rely on natural gas today according to the American Gas Association.

But at the Carse Law Firm we’re finding a growing number of deaths, injuries, and property damage of all types due to problems with this plentiful, odorless and colorless fossil fuel. From 2004-2015 in Texas alone there were more than 320 reports of cut gas lines, with 19 deaths and 66 injuries as a result.

In many urban areas, gas meters and pipelines are old and deteriorating. In newer construction, materials can be substandard and installed improperly. In any residential neighborhood or commercial development, natural gas lines can be dangerously close to other underground utilities. Maintenance and repair crews, or fiber optic and cable installers can easily and negligently cut a gas line, and you may never know it.

Suppliers add a blend of chemicals known as “odorants” to natural gas in order to give it an unnatural and offensive smell. Why? When that smell is detected, it alerts the homeowner to the potential of a leak requiring immediate attention.

But with an underground natural gas leak, the contact with certain soils has the potential to filter the odorant out of the gas, making the leak even harder to detect and even more dangerous.

A natural gas leak can have catastrophic consequences. But when disaster strikes, we are ready to respond. Our experienced attorneys can help get your life and your home back together, so call the Carse Law Firm even if you just have concerns and questions about protecting yourself. For example, we recommend that every home have a natural gas detector, which can be purchased at most hardware stores.

NW Dallas Deadly Home Explosion

Corsicana Gas Explosion

The Carse Law Firm is currently investigating this natural gas explosion that destroyed a home and other personal property in Corsicana, Texas.

Natural gas leaks can happen without the homeowner even realizing it. Some people cannot smell the odorant added to natural gas, while the surrounding ground may absorb the smell. But the danger remains.

Corsicana Natural Gas House Explosion

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Natural Gas Dangers April 27, 2016
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