Natural Gas Excess Flow Valves

Excess flow valves can prevent a natural gas explosion,

But only when they’re installed properly.

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How Excess Flow Valves Can Prevent Natural Gas Explosions


The Carse Law Firm is actively pursuing litigation against Atmos Energy based on the negligent installation of excess flow devices.  Likewise Atmos never inspected the drilling activities despite knowing they were drilling in Saddlebrook Estates and damaging Atmos’ lines..

If you or your family has been severely injured or suffered property damage due to a gas explosion at your home or business, contact the Carse Law Firm for a thorough investigation of what occurred. If an excess flow valve should have been installed on your gas line, or was installed improperly, you need to know.

The Carse Law Firm is ready to help victims of natural gas explosions, whatever the cause, achieve justice for their physical injuries, emotional trauma and property damage.

Waxahachie Neighbors Sue Atmos Energy Over Home Explosion

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Natural Gas Excess Flow Valves November 18, 2016
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