Natural Gas House Explosion – Waxahachie, Texas

A natural gas leak destroyed a home in Waxahachie, Texas.

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Texas Home Destroyed From Natural Gas Explosion

On the morning of Sept. 21, 2015, Adele Chavez turned on the stovetop in her Waxahachie home to cook breakfast for her and her brother.  Almost instantly, the home was rocked by an explosion that no one expected. The explosion demolished the Chavez home, leaving Adele and her brother with severe burns, fractures and other injuries. That destruction led Ms. Chavez and now more than 20 former and current residents to contact the Carse Law Firm to seek justice for their physical injuries, emotional trauma and property damage against Atmos and others.

Carse investigators found that on Sept. 17 contractors using a horizontal directional drilling machine to install AT&T U-verse fiber-optic cable ripped through a natural gas service line and shattered a large section of the sewer line that served Ms. Chavez’s home. Although an interruption in gas service was reported to Atmos Energy, the company took no action for the four days leading up to the explosion. The investigation further revealed that a safety mechanism known as an excess flow valve had been incorrectly placed by Atmos’ installers. Because of that location the valve did not shut off the leak, allowing massive amounts of natural gas to escape and fill Ms. Chavez’ home and the surrounding subdivision sewer system.

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Ms. Chavez Shares Her Story with CBS 11

Video Showing Causes of the Waxahachie Natural Gas Explosion

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